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Ruby Sand: Filter Sand Replacement

Last week’s blog talked about the main differences between cartridge and sand filters for your swimming pool. For those that choose sand filtration, this week we will dig a little deeper into a specific sand brand; Ruby Sand by Zeo. Read More

Pool Filters: Cartridge VS Sand

All filters keep your pool water clean, but have you wondered what the difference is between them? How do they actually work and what can they do? We know that when it comes to your in-ground or above ground pool, you want affordable and efficient pool equipment. The most popular pool filter types are cartridge filters and sand filters. Read More

Chlorine 101

Chlorine is the main chemical that pool owners use as a sanitizer or disinfectant. Chlorine is widely used by pool owners to destroy bacteria and algae to be sure their pools remain clean, clear and safe for swimming. Read More

Protecting Swimsuits from Chlorine

Have you ever found that perfect swimsuit that fits well, you love the colors and patterns, makes you feel confident, and then chlorine happens? Chlorine from pools and spas can strip those fun colors, break down the elasticity, and not look quite like how you bought it. Damage happens largely because suits are made of Spandex or other stretchy fabrics — materials that can react badly to hot tub chemicals or the heat of the sun. The fabric that makes them cling just right to your body makes them vulnerable to heat and harsh chemicals.Here are some tips for keeping your favorite swimsuit looking like new: Read More

Sundance Spas and Wish For Our Heroes

You might have seen us post on Performance Pool and Spa social media about Sundance Spas and Wish For Our Heroes. Maybe you are wondering exactly what that is and how you can help. Who wouldn’t want to help our men and women serving and their families while they sacrifice so much for us?! I know we do. Read More

Unbreakable Outdoor Drinkware

Have you ever been relaxing around your pool and become frustrated with the multitudes of paper or plastic cups lying around you’ll just have to toss in the waste later? Or maybe you have had your beverage spill and the glass shattered into pieces. Read More

Happy Independence Day!!

July 4th, 1776; the day the Declaration of Independence was signed and the thirteen colonies claimed their independence from England eventually leading to the formation of the United States. Read More

Pool Party!!

Pool party time! Check out our new arrival pool toys by Game™. These are sure to enhance your summer fun. Read More

Pool Safety

May was National Pool Safety month, but here at Performance Pool and Spa we believe it is important to think about water safety all season long. Pools are awesome! What could be better than a dip in the pool and fun in the sun? But a child could easily slip and fall, or even worse, drown. To prevent a scary situation, here are a few tips to keep children safe around the pool this Summer. Read More

Health Benefits of Hot Tubs

      When the weather is this nice, we think about jumping in the pool instead of the hot tub! But hot tubs have amazing health benefits no matter the season. To some of us this means to boycott the hot tub, right?! On the contrary. A hot tub can be a good place in which to relax with family and friends. You can spend time together sipping a drink or simply having a meaningful conversation. Hot tubs today provide significant health benefits in addition to fun and relaxation. Read More