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Why you should have a professional replace your vinyl pool liner

We all like to dive in and do things ourselves when it comes to repairs around the home, especially if it will save money and time waiting for someone to come out to fix it. However, some times it is more beneficial to ask the professionals for help and may save you more headaches down the road; replacing your pool liner is one of these times.   Read More

Cartridge Pool Filters

A couple weeks ago we talked about the main differences between cartridge filters and sand filters. Last week we dove deeper into sand filters. Now we will take a look at cartridge filters and what they can do for your pool and why they may be a better option for you than sand filters.   Read More

Ruby Sand: Filter Sand Replacement

Last week’s blog talked about the main differences between cartridge and sand filters for your swimming pool. For those that choose sand filtration, this week we will dig a little deeper into a specific sand brand; Ruby Sand by Zeo. Read More

Pool Filters: Cartridge VS Sand

All filters keep your pool water clean, but have you wondered what the difference is between them? How do they actually work and what can they do? We know that when it comes to your in-ground or above ground pool, you want affordable and efficient pool equipment. The most popular pool filter types are cartridge filters and sand filters. Read More

Chlorine 101

Chlorine is the main chemical that pool owners use as a sanitizer or disinfectant. Chlorine is widely used by pool owners to destroy bacteria and algae to be sure their pools remain clean, clear and safe for swimming. Read More