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When to close your pool for the season


I know we all dread this time of the year when it’s time to start thinking about when to close the pool for the winter as the kids have just gone back to school. We wait all winter long for the day when we can open the pool back up for summertime fun and then before we know it summer seems to have come and gone like a lighting bolt. In Minnesota it is an inevitable event of closing the cover for the season, but something we try to prolong as much as we can.


At Performance Pool and Spa we recommend closing your pool at the end of September or early October. Even if you are not using your pool anymore for the season, it is better to complete the official winter close in colder temperatures. With Minnesota’s unpredictable weather, it could warm back up and it is important to close your pool when the colder temperatures are going to stick around. Warmer temperatures can heat the water in your pool and a closed pool that isn’t being filtered allows algae and other bacteria to grow. Decreasing the changes of algae growth helps with the overall chemistry of your pool water and causes fewer issues in the spring when you open the pool.


Keep in mind that the procedure for closing your pool for the season differs greatly from standard pool maintenance. If you choose to close your pool yourself, just make sure you have proper instructions. We do recommend having our experienced staff complete the job for you as it is complicated. We would like to ensure an effective winter pool closing which will prevent any future pool problem headaches. Schedule your pool closing with us here even weeks in advance.


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