Healthy Spa Water Care Checklist

Spa Checklist

Getting into a good spa care and maintenance routine is a great way to ensure your spa lives a long healthy life, but what does a comprehensive spa maintenance routine look like? If you own a car and are responsible for the upkeep, you probably know that you need an oil change every 3 to 5 thousand miles, a battery replacement every few years, and you should check your fluids on a monthly basis, but what about a spa? We’ve put together a handy spa care checklist so you can easily keep up with your spa and keep the relaxation coming. 


  • Test your spa water with a test strip, liquid reagent, or by bringing a spa sample to your local pool store
  • Adjust pH levels as needed with pH plus and minus 
  • Adjust alkalinity levels as needed with pH plus and minus 
  • Add calcium as needed to increase hardness, or drain some water and refill with fresh, soft water to lower hardness
  • Add chlorine as needed, if chlorine level is too high leave cover off to evaporate some chlorine and water, then refill back up. 


  • Shock the spa with chlorine or non-chlorine shock
  • Rinse your spa filter
  • Wipe off cover


  • Use a cleaning solution to deep clean your spa filter
  • Ensure jets are in proper working order 
  • Bring a spa water sample into your local pool store for a more thorough analysis 


  • Use a “spa purge” solution to clean out your lines, drain your spa, and refill with fresh water every 6 months 
  • Do a deep clean on the surface of the spa shell
  • Clean outside of spa with a brush and a compatible cleaning agent

While there can always be surprises, if you follow this checklist, your spa should be kept in great health for many years to come. Feel free to contact us with any water care questions you may have.