How to Take Care of a Salt Pool

Here at PPS, we love salt pools. Saltwater chlorine generators offer an elegant solution to chlorine automation, and while overall they provide a more convenient pool-owning experience, there are a few things we need to do differently to care for them.


Add the Correct Amount of Salt

First things first, we need to get the salt in your salt pool! You can do some fancy math equations yourself to figure out how much salt your pool needs based on gallonage, or you can use a handy dandy salt pool calculator like this one here . You want to make sure your pool’s salinity is between 2700 and 4500 ppm. Check your owner’s manual for the specific amount of salt required if you are unsure.


Take Care of Your Salt Cell

Your salt cell is the main component of your saltwater system that converts salt water into chlorinated water, and it should be opened and inspected every 3 months to check for scale buildup as well as deposits. If you do notice buildup or deposits, you can clean the cell with a mild acid wash. You will also need to make sure you winterize your salt cell when closing your pool. Check your owner’s manual for winterizing instructions.


And that’s pretty much it. Add and maintain the correct amount of salt, check up on and clean your cell every few months, and adjust the dial on your salt generator to produce the proper chlorine levels and you are good to go!