Is it safe for my dog to be in my pool?

At PPS, we want to make sure that you enjoy your pool and enjoy it safely. So the question is: Is it safe for my dog to be in my pool?

The short answer is yes! Now there still are factors to consider when letting your pup jump in your pool.

What kind of pool do you own?

Dogs have very strong nails that can tear through a pool liner. Plastic and most vinyl liner pools can be torn if your pup’s nails aren’t properly groomed. You can reduce the negative effects your dog has on the swimming pool by keeping your dog clean and well-groomed. Trim your dog’s nails regularly and keep them smooth. If you have a fiberglass pool, you don’t have to worry about your pup’s nails tearing your pool!

Is pool water safe for your dog?

For swimming? Yes. But for dogs and humans, too much chlorine can effect your skin so remember to give a nice rinse after you’re done swimming! We recommend that you have your pup’s drink as little of pool water as possible, it could get them sick and we don’t want that!


Can your dog affect your pool?

Dogs obviously have a lot more hair than us, so their hair is going to be harder to filter but their has not been anything to suggest it does harm to your filter system. There maybe more effort to put into your pool but it will be worth it to share your pool with your pup.


Have fun!

Pool weather only lasts so long for Minnesota, so enjoy it while you can! And take a pic of your pup and share it with us on our social media pages!