Natural Chemistry – Coverfree®

Is evaporation causing you to lose money? It maybe time to look into Cover free!


What is Coverfree?

  • Cover free is Liquid Solar Blanket that uses an invisible liquid barrier that conserves water and heat
  • Advanced mono-layer technology
  • Helps conserve hundreds of gallons of pool water
  • Reduces water evaporation
  • Safe to use with all sanitizing system

How do you use Coverfree?

  1. Shake product vigorously.
  2. Weekly with circulation system running, add 4 oz. per 675 sq. ft. (20,000 gallons) of surface area.

Can be added directly to your pool but the circulation system must be running!


Visit your local PPS

If you would like to grab a bottle of cover free visit your local PPS and you can speak with a specialist today!