Spa Giveaway Interview – Wish for Our Heroes

Performance Pool & Spa has partnered with Sundance® Spas to support Wish for Our Heroes, a nonprofit foundation that assists U.S. soldiers, veterans, and their families with basic needs like food and clothing, as well as vacations and spas to help them reconnect after deployment. In addition to donating $100 to Wish for Our Heroes for every qualifying spa purchased by a customer, Performance and Sundance also delivered a very special free spa to Theodore Golden, this year’s lucky Wish for Our Heroes spa winner.

Theodore kindly agreed to answer 8 short questions about how he has been enjoying his new Sundance® spa.



Q: What is the best part about owning a spa?

A: I really enjoy the stress relief of getting into the tub and how our whole family can get into it together when we want to 



Q: What is your favorite Sundance® Spa feature?

A: The bubble massage for my back. It helps relieve the pain in my shoulder and my back



Q: How has owning a spa had an impact on your day-to-day life?

A: It makes it a little easier to do everyday tasks because I have a little less pain overall



Q: Have you experienced any pain relief from using the spa?

A: I have pain relief in my shoulder and my back along with some of my joint pain



Q: If you could add a feature to your spa, what would it be? 

A: If I could add a feature to my spa it would be a Bluetooth player accessory and/or a lounge portion in my spa



Q: How are you finding spa maintenance? Is it easy, hard, or time consuming?
A: I find it easy since I already own an above ground pool



Q: Do you use aromatherapy? If so, what scents are your favorite?

A: I have only used two scents but I like mango so far 



Q: What is the best time of day to use the spa?

A: I usually use the spa at the end of the day after I put the kids to bed so I can relax and not worry about anything else but relaxing