Sundance® Spas 800-OL™

Sundance® Spas 800-OL™

Sundance Spas are innovative for every spa that they make. The 800-OL™ is no different! From it’s filtration system, to the heaters, the 800-OL™ brings everything from the 780 and 880 series into one!

MicroClean Ultra Filtration

The 800-OL model comes equipped with MicroUltra Filtration. This catches large particles to the smallest ones

The MicroUltra Filtration System provides, efficient hot tub filtration, using technology similar to that used in popular home drinking water filters.

The 800-OL combines Micro Ultra Filtration with the patented ClearRay Active Oxygen UV-C + Ozone Water Purification System to provide clean. Clear water without the need for large amounts of chemicals.


SunScents Aromatherapy

Sundance Spas was the first ever hot tub manufacturer to combine aromatherapy with hydrotherapy in an automatic fragrance system.

All 980 & 880 Series Spas as well as the limited edition 800-OL include the SilentAir Injector System that works with SunScents Fragrance beads to release a refreshing fragrance into your Sundance hot tub.

Sundance SunScents™ are injected into bubbles and then released when they burst on the surface, leaving you feeling renewed.


SentrySmart Heater

  • SentrySmart Heaters, with a titanium coil element are standard on all 880 & 980 Series Hot Tubs and the limited edition 800-OL model.
  • This patented heater heats the water directly.

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