SunScents Aromatherapy for your spa

At PPS we want to make sure you have the best experience with your pools and spas. Today we want to talk about adding to your spa experience, with SunScents Aromatherapy!

What are SunScents?

Sundance Spas were able to combine aromatherapy with hydrotherapy in an automatic fragrance system. Without affecting water quality, Sundance SunScents™ are injected into bubbles and then released when they burst on the surface, leaving you feeling renewed.

How do you use SunScents?

Sundance Spas 880 & 980 Series hot tubs all come equipped with the patented SilentAir Aromatherapy system as standard. The powerful SilentAir blower quietly sends 1000’s of soothing bubbles through multiple designated jets with just the touch of a button.

What if my spa doesn’t have the SunScent option?

If you already own a hot tub that doesn’t have the SunScent option, you can still get the benefit of aromatherapy with our selection of Spazazz hot tub fragrance crystals that are added directly to the water.

Are there different fragrances to choose from?

Yes! There are 8 different fragrances with their own unique smells!

Pina Colada: Imagine tropical breezes blowing on the island of your dreams.

Honey Mango: Indulge your senses with this perfect blend of nature’s nectars.

Ylang-Ylang: Experience the magic of a blend that calms the spirit while energizing the mind.

French Lavender: Relax your body as you picture the flowering fields of Provence.

Eucalyptus: Settle in while this deeply penetrating aroma work its magic on stiff and tired muscles.

Tahitian Vanilla: Recall your favorite moments in bubbling comfort.

Summer Rain: Unwind from the stresses of the day to enter a world of pure tranquility.

Midnight Jasmine: Evoke the first blush of romance with this rich and exotic aroma.


Where can I buy SunScents?

At your local PPS store!! 🙂