Turn your pool into a slam dunk!


I have been playing basketball for most of my life and when I tell you that the best time I’ve had is when my friends had a basketball hoop set up in their pool. The dunking, alone made me want to stay in the pool all day.

S.R. Smith

S.R. Smith brings the best in in-ground basketball hoops. All S.R.Smith pool basketball games are made from sturdy, have a regulation rim, and come with a basketball and needle. Many models are available with a SealedSteel® vinyl coating that provides extra protection from harsh pool environments, including salt pools. All games are removable for seasonal storage or for times other aquatic activities require clear deck space.

Dunn Rite

Dunn Rite shows just why they are leaders in removable basketball hoops. The Splash and Shoot Clear comes with 200lbs rotational molded base, 18″ Stainless Steel Rim, weather-resistant polypropylene  silkscreened backboard, structural reinforced  rigid backboard supports, and a color matched 9″ diameter textured  basketball.


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Turn your backyard into a blacktop in no time!