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Video Gallery

Video Gallery

Cleaning & Sanitizing Your Pool

In this video, Nik talks about the ways to sanitize your pool. There are different techniques of how to properly take care of your pool, as well as how to keep your water clear and clean. Knowing that your pool is clean, clear and sanitized will help provide you with a peace of mind while you enjoy.

Additional Options

In this video, Nik will discuss different pool accessories that we can build or add to your swimming pool. We offer a variety of items including diving boards, slides, basketball hoops, volleyball nets and water features. There are so many choices for you to choose from to help make your pool even.

Backyard Transformation

In this video, Nik discusses how we transform your backyard into a beautiful swimming oasis. He walks us through the steps of how everything comes together. At Performance Pool & Spa, we have an in-house engineer who designs all of our poolscapes. There is no need to worry about anything.


In this video, Nik talks about the final design elements to your backyard transformation. After the pool and patio is completed, we offer a variety of design concepts, as well as materials to finish off your backyard poolscape. There are so many concepts to choose from. We have all the best.

Pool Covers

In this video, Nik discusses the multiple ways to cover your In Ground Swimming Pool. There are a variety of options, whether it is an automatic pool cover or not, to help keep the heat in the pool and keep the chemistry balanced. Pool covers offer a number of benefits, too!

Pool Equipment

In this video, Nik talks about the mechanicals on the pool system, how it operates and what is going on for the pool equipment. He provides more insight on the steps that the pool equipment takes for the process that it goes through. This system effectively cleans the pool’s water and also.

Diving Boards

In this video, Nik walks through what adding a diving board or not may to do your pool project. He talks about how to properly plan around a diving board, when it comes to designing the pool. Most of the designing depends on your goals and what you like!

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