3 most asked questions about spa care

Question: Do you need a chemistry degree to balance your own spa?

Answer: Actually no! Balancing your water with hot tub chemicals only takes a few minutes a week. Simply check the levels of pH, Alkalinity, Calcium and your preferred sanitizer (Chlorine or Bromine) with a test strip and adjust levels by adding the right amount of each product as indicated in your owner’s manual.

Question: Will hanging my spa filter be messy, difficult and pricey?

Answer:  Sundance® spas are crafted to make it easy to access your hot tub filter. Simply monthly rinse and clean filters monthly with garden hose or filter flosser and replace every three months or as visible wear and tear require. No mess, no fuss, and at a minimal cost.

Question: Do I have to drain and refill my spa frequently?

Answer: For average spa usage, water changes are only recommended once every 3-4 months. Look for clues that it’s time to change your water, such as when your chemicals aren’t balancing as easily as they used to.


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