FAQs - Performance Pool & Spa


Pool FAQs

It sounds like your pool is running a deficit of some sort. It is always best to swing into your nearest PPS store for a complete comprehensive water analysis. Did we mention it’s FREE?

PPS carries a wide variety of pool and spa parts at each of our retail locations. Please call your nearest store to check availability. If we are currently out of stock, it is not uncommon for PPS to receive the needed part same day delivery to expedite your needs.

Swing into one of our 8 retail locations with a pint of pool water for a free water analysis. Each store is staffed with experienced pool professionals to help get you accustomed to pool ownership.

Call or swing in to your closest PPS location to chat about your goals for the project. We provide free estimates on all types of pool projects.

Typically, most in-ground swimming pool installations are started and finished in 2-3 weeks with PPS as your contractor. That time frame is not typical with other builders.

Corporately, PPS is, by far, the most experienced pool company in the Twin Cities/Western Wisconsin area. Without subcontractors building the swimming pool, over 300 years of experience on each new installation, and over 1,400 pools installed within the last 10 years; it’s obvious why PPS is the answer.

The best way to determine which pool type is best for you and your family is to schedule a free, on-site inspection with one of PPS’s experienced estimators.

PPS builds: in-ground vinyl lined swimming pools, fiberglass swimming pools, partial in-ground swimming pools and steel-walled above-ground swimming pools.

Pool Opening FAQ

No, the pool opening is the process of getting the pool up and running with some initial product treatment to kick start the water quality. The pool will need to circulate for at least 12 hours before you can even get accurate readings on things like pH, alkalinity, and salt levels. This is why we encourage you to do the “pool opening” as early as possible. That way you can get any needed clean-up and clarity issues resolved and have the pool swim ready for that first nice weekend.

If you plan to remove the cover yourself: please have the cover removed one week before our scheduled arrival. We recommend removing the cover as early as possible.

If you request cover removal by us with your pool opening, it may be left in place.

If you have a submersible pump that you can place on the cover to start pumping it off that is very helpful. If not, just let us know once the ice on the cover has thawed so we can try to get a jump on pumping it off. Once the cover is pumped off, put a hose under the cover and start adding water to the pool until it is at normal level.

Service FAQs

Call one of our many service representatives at at 651.773.5883.

Absolutely not. PPS experts are trained in vinyl liner replacements and have performed this service on thousands of pools. Often, this process can be completed in just a couple of days.

In addition to opening and closing swimming pools, PPS can service all swimming pool and spa needs. This ranges from heater diagnostics to orientation classes.

Of course! PPS offers a wide variety of packages to fit your specific opening and closing needs. Our representatives can thoroughly explain the different options we provide.

Spa FAQs

Absolutely! All Sundance® spas are built for Minnesota and Wisconsin climates, and most models offer extra insulation than the industry standard to stand up to our harsh winters.

PPS sells and delivers over 200 Sundance® Spas a year and employs full-time, year-round service and delivery staff. Typically, a customer can ask for a timeline and PPS can meet it. Call or swing into one of our 5 store locations to pick out your spa at your convenience.

PPS only carries the highest quality products with the highest level of customer support. Sundance® Spas has a 5-year warranty on the majority of their models, and PPS backs each one of their products.

PPS has over 60 hot tubs on display at any given time in the year. Our 8 retail stores are staffed with knowledgeable representatives to help get you relaxing in the appropriate spa for your family.

Being the largest acrylic spa manufacturer in the world, being carried by over 750 dealers worldwide and having amazing proprietary features such as Fluidix jetting is just the tip of the iceberg as to why Sundance® is the best spa in the world.

PPS exclusively carries Sundance Spas as they are the premier hydrotherapy spa in the market. Sundance is extremely selective in their dealers, and PPS is proud to carry a leader in the industry.

Find A Showroom Near You

Come visit one of our showrooms! Our showrooms are staffed with knowledgeable employees who are ready to help you find the perfect pool or spa for your backyard.