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Spa Water Care

Spa Water Care

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Spa Water Testing & Analysis

When it comes to balancing the water chemistry in your spa, there can be a lot to soak in.

That’s why at PPS we offer free water testing and analysis for all of our customers, so you never have to wonder what’s going on in your spa. Simply bring in a cup of spa water in a water bottle or other container, and we can have your results in less than 2 minutes.

We use LaMotte WaterLink® Spin Touch® systems for all of our water analysis, the most advanced system for water testing ever produced. Once we have your results from the system, we will print off a detailed report that will give you all your specific chemical levels in the water along with the instructions for which chemicals to add, how to add them, and how much you will need.

We know getting started with water chemistry can be daunting, and encourage you to come in as often as you’d like for regular water testing! Consistently testing and adjusting your water chemistry is the best way to maintain a clean happy spa as well as protect your spa parts and equipment from damage.

Spa Water Care

Maintaining clean, clear, and balanced water in your spa is vital to ensuring a safe soaking experience and keeping your spa running perfectly for years to come. With the right products and know-how, spa care is simple and easy, taking only a few minutes every few days to keep things in line. Here’s how it works.


Water Testing

The most important part of spa water care is testing.

You can test your spa water at home with test strips or drops, but the most accurate results will come from a water test taken at a PPS location. We will take a sample of your spa water, run it through our advanced laser disk testing system, and print off a report detailing all of your water chemistry levels along with instructions for how to fix any issues.


pH, Alkalinity, and Calcium

When we test your water, we check for three specific chemical levels: pH, alkalinity, and calcium. These three metrics can tell us a whole lot about your spa, and they can be raised and lowered with specific products. When these three levels are in range, it allows everything else in the spa to work more efficiently, especially sanitizer.


Eliminate Bacteria and Other Contaminants

After your water is balanced, it needs to be cleaned. We use sanitizers like chlorine, bromine, and baguinide to eliminate bacteria and other contaminants in the water, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all spa users.

Maintenance Chemicals

Products Designed to Enhance Your Spa Maintenance Experience

While sanitizer and balancing chemicals are all that is technically required to maintain healthy spa water, there are lines of products that are designed to help smooth your spa maintenance experience and make everything easier. These will help keep the water clear, prevent scum and foam, keep your pH and alkalinity from swinging in either direction, and can even boost the effectiveness of your sanitizer.

Cleaners and Fixers

Clean and Solve Certain Spa Issues

These products are formulated to clean and solve certain spa issues. Filter cleaner, foam fighter, surface cleaner, and many others will ensure there is a solution to any spa problems that arise.

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Absolutely! All Sundance® spas are built for Minnesota and Wisconsin climates, and most models offer extra insulation than the industry standard to stand up to our harsh winters.

PPS sells and delivers over 200 Sundance® Spas a year and employs full-time, year-round service and delivery staff. Typically, a customer can ask for a timeline and PPS can meet it. Call or swing into one of our 5 store locations to pick out your spa at your convenience.

PPS only carries the highest quality products with the highest level of customer support. Sundance® Spas has a 5-year warranty on the majority of their models, and PPS backs each one of their products.

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Being the largest acrylic spa manufacturer in the world, being carried by over 750 dealers worldwide and having amazing proprietary features such as Fluidix jetting is just the tip of the iceberg as to why Sundance® is the best spa in the world.

PPS exclusively carries Sundance Spas as they are the premier hydrotherapy spa in the market. Sundance is extremely selective in their dealers, and PPS is proud to carry a leader in the industry.