5 Ways to Add Pizzazz to Your Pool

When it comes to pool design, it’s hard to go wrong with a classic rectangle, deck, and landscaping. However, there are other things you can add to your pool area to improve the overall feel and look without having to move a bobcat into the yard. Here are some ways to spice up your backyard entertainment space.

1. Seating

Your pool isn’t just for swimming, it’s the centerpiece of your yard where a manner of activity takes place. Give your guests a place to sit with patio furniture, recliners, and cushions! You can also put seating around a fire pit for cozy summer nights.

2. Lighting

Good lighting is crucial to setting the right mood for whatever party or get-together you are having. Think about using string lights, lights in the landscaping, pool LEDs, and more to set the perfect atmosphere.

3. Games

Swimming is fun, but you should give people other options to interact and play with each other. Lawn games, board games, foosball, ping-pong, and others are all classics people can just pick up and play and will happily use if you leave them out.

4. Food, snacks, and drinks

We are all about refreshments and food. Get the smoker out, the brick pizza oven, the Belgian waffle maker, and the dutch oven that houses the sweetest peach cobbler and put it together with an ice chest full of drinks or some home-assembled punch, and you’ve got yourself a party.

5. Accessories

We have seen a lot of very clever pool owners dress up their pool areas with fun homemade signs and decorations that add a personal touch to a very personal space. Put your mark on your pool area with your own unique style whatever it may be, and it will bring a lot of life and personality to your pool.