7 Lawn Games to Guarantee a Fun Filled Fourth

The 4th of July festivities begin in just 3 days! Now, most people have the basic party planning building blocks of food and drinks on lock, so we won’t step on any feet there. But many people stop there and forget about games and entertainment. Food and drinks are the most important, yes, and they are often enough by themselves to facilitate a great time as well. But, adding the cherry on top of fun activities to imbibe in while you guzzle down beverages and scarf down bbq will take your 4th to the next level. Here are 8 lawn games we love that are guaranteed to be a hit at your July 4th party.

1. Croquet

An absolute classic and coming out on top of the list and PPS’ favorite lawn game, croquet is a sport that involves hitting wooden or plastic balls with a mallet through hoops embedded in a grass playing court. It’s a great one-handed game so your other hand remains open for your beverage of choice, and is sure to be a nice and relaxing time for most and a more intense time for the more competitive among us.

2. Badminton

I was never a fan of tennis; far too much running was involved. Badminton solves this problem with a smaller court and by most often playing in doubles. It’s a raquet sport like tennis where players use the racquets to hit a shuttlecock across a net. A very relaxed and enjoyable time that can get quite physical and competitive. Give it a shot this 4th!

3. Bag Toss

My personal favorite on the list, bag toss has become a classic Minnesotan pastime. The beauty of bag toss is that anyone can toss a bag, it’s a very accessible sport. Yet, it can be ridiculously cutthroat among seasoned players. With a super simple setup and tear down, and easy-to-follow rules and gameplay, bag toss is sure to be a crowd-pleaser this 4th.

4. Disc Golf

Getting a massive resurgence in the early 2ooo’s, the sport of disc golf is still going strong and you are likely to find many high-quality courses around the area. However, if you didn’t want to leave the comfort of your own yard to go throw some discs around, you could always “putt” from the backyard into a cage. Everyone l0ves throwing a frisby around, and disc golf gives you an objective to aim for when you do it.

5. Ladder Ball

One of the wackier games on this list, ladder ball is a game where you throw 2 balls fastened together with a piece of rope to try to get it to wrap around a “ladder” some distance away. This one gets points for being another one-handed operation game, so you can hold on to your drink while you line up the shot.

6. Bocce Ball

Another personal PPS favorite, bocce ball is a casually competitive game where you throw a pair of colored balls to try to get as close as you can to the smaller ball called the “pallino”. It functions similarly to golf and is a fantastic time all around. Pick up some balls and get rolling come the 4th!

7. Volleyball

Volleyball is a great lawn game for when you have a larger play area and a larger amount of people who want to participate in a game. Volleyball can easily fit 10 people, whereas any of these other games start to get congested when you have more than 6 or so playing at once. Split up into 2 teams on either side of the net, and get spiking!


We hope you can enjoy some of our favorite lawn games on Monday. PPS wishes everyone a very happy 4th of July!