Add Radiant Pools To Your Backyard

Radiant Pools offer you a choice when it comes to your backyard swimming pool. While many manufacturers reduce the quality of their materials in order to save on manufacturing costs, Radiant Pools creates pools with the latest advanced engineering methods and superior-quality materials to help your swimming pool for generations. They offer a lifetime warranty to protect you from defects and even winter pool damage!


Most above ground pool companies don’t talk about superior structure, and for valid reasons. Radiant Pools is the only pool manufacturer using the same technology in its materials that NASA uses in its space program. An industry first, the Radiant Pool offers an astounding R-10 structural insulated panel with 2 inch thick walls.
These components are vital to this backyard swimming pool’s durability and strength. Using a patented-process, the manufacturer bonds 3 layers of EPS foam insulation between all aluminum components to form such a solid wall of strength that it’s meant to offer more durability than steel and concrete.

Although super-strong, the pool’s wall panels are also extremely light and easy-to-handle with no need to worry about rusting, warping or cracking. In fact, these 100% Made in the USA pools are tested and proven to last 50 years!


When you hear that our Radiant Pools have strong structural wall insulation with R-10 values, you might not realize how that affects you and your backyard investment.
R-10 insulation retains heat from the sun and prevents heat loss to keep the water warmer longer. That means you can extend your swimming season by a full 2 months longer!

Further, you save money on pool heating costs. If you’ve operated a pool heater in the past, you may be aware that running the pump can add to your utility bill. With Radiant Pool insulation, you’ll save on energy costs simply because the quality insulation materials retain the heat. Therefore, you don’t need to operate the pump as frequently as with other above or in-ground pools.


EnergyStarHomeowners are increasingly concerned with how their actions affect the environment around them. When starting home improvement projects, families often consider how they can reduce their carbon footprint and create more environmentally-friendly surroundings.

We’ve already discussed how the high-value insulation in swimming pools by Radiant provides energy efficiency and lower utility expenses. Our unique pool construction allows for the sun to heat the water and lower your Carbon Dioxide emission profile. In addition, all aluminum and polystyrene materials in the construction of Radiant Pool models are 100% recyclable.

The commitment to green technology extends further. Radiant Pool Company is the only manufacturer of swimming pools with membership in the United States Green Building Council and Energy Star Partner.


Because these pools are guaranteed to last for a lifetime, you can rest assured that you’ll appreciate your backyard addition for generations to come. Every warranty by Radiant Pools is fully transferable, which means that if you sell your home, the warranty will continue for the new owner.
The effects of snow and ice can cause extensive harm to other above ground pools. Fortunately, the durable 2-inch thick pool walls are built to protect, and should they ever fail, the manufacturer warranty also covers winter damage. That’s additional peace of mind in knowing that you’re getting true value and quality for your swimming pool investment.


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