Common Hot Tub Problems and Quick Fixes

Common Hot Tub Problems and Quick Fixes

Spas are a great way to relax, but dealing with maintenance issues is anything but. Even the best most well-kept spas will act up from time to time, and you might be able to save yourself a headache by trying a quick solution before bringing in the big guns. Here are some common spa problems, and a few things you can try to fix them. 

Spa Won’t Heat Up?

First, check your water level to make sure your spa is filled to the appropriate level. Then, look for clogs in your circulation system.

If your high limit switch shut down the heater due to excess heat, or if you have air trapped in the lines, it can help to flip the breaker on and off or hit the heater reset button.

Try fixing a spa air lock. If you don’t know how, you can refer to our blog on fixing airlocks here

Water Goes From Hot to Cold and Back Again

Firstly, clean your filter.

Check for circulation blockages.

Check the water level and top off if necessary.

Check the thermostat and heat sensors.

Jets Aren’t Working

First, make sure all the jets are wide open.

Check for calcium buildup and other debris around the jets and clear them out if needed.

Check the water level and top if off if necessary, clean the filter, and check the plumbing line for clogs.

Try fixing an airlock. 

Error Code Flo/Flc

This code appears when you are having flow issues. Check for blockages, and clean/replace the filter.

Check the circulation pump for power. If the pump has power and still isn’t working then it may have to be replaced.

You may need to replace the pressure switch.

Noisy Spa Pump

A growling noise coming from the pump can indicate that it’s struggling for water. Clear any clogs in the circulation system, check the water level and top off, and make sure any valves near your pump are open.

A squealing noise coming from the pump can indicate that the bearings are bad. In this case, you can safely use the spa pump, it will just continue to be noisy, and will likely get louder. You can lubricate the bearing to ease the noise, but eventually you will need to replace the pump.