The Different Types of Hot Tub Jets and the Benefits They Provide

There are many ways to get some relief and relaxation just by spending some time in your hot tub, and your spa’s jets often play a large role in that serenity. Whether it’s their placement, their size, the number of them, or their particular style, jets provide an array of amazing benefits. 

With that being said, if you’re in the market for a hot tub and hoping to optimize your hydrotherapy experience, it’s important to know what to look for in a tub’s jet offerings, and to help you out, we’ve created the following comprehensive hot tub jet guide.

What Do Hot Tub Jets Do?

As you’ll see, there are many ways a jet can go about providing remarkable benefits, and there are specific styles of jet designed to target each area of the body where stress and tension commonly occur.

No matter the kind of jet your selected tub provides, its main goal will always be massaging the body in order to provide users with relaxation and relief. Jets are designed to reduce tension in muscles and joints by loosening them up and improving blood flow. 

Hot Tub Jet Considerations

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Before we look at the specific types of jets on offer, it’s important to look at the different ways in which those jets can be used to bring you the relief you’re looking for. These include the following:

Jet Placement

Having your hot tub jets situated in the right position can make a huge difference in providing you with the hydrotherapy you need. If you’re looking to target your lower back, you’ll want your jets to be placed lower down in the seating areas of your spa, whereas if you’re looking to relieve arthritic pain in your joints, you’ll want them to be near your legs.

Jet Size

Larger jets are naturally able to cover broader areas of the body, which can be useful when you’re looking to recover from tough workouts or simply to bring relief to a large area of the body at once, like your back. At the same time, smaller jets are more powerful and concentrated, which makes them much better suited to go deep and bring relief to more specific areas of the body, like the neck and shoulders.

Number of Jets

Hypothetically speaking, a larger number of jets can provide you with a greater array of ways to enjoy some hot tub hydrotherapy, but that’s not always the case. A large number of jets can reduce their collective water pressure, potentially reducing the massaging capability of each jet. With that said, it’s best to think more about placement and size if you have specific hydrotherapy needs.

The Different Types of Hot Tub Jets

There is a vast array of hot tub jet styles, each with its own unique purpose. The following are the most common:

Directional Jets

A directional jet can be adjusted so that it aims in the direction best suited to providing you with the hydrotherapy relief you need.

Multi-Massage Jets

While directional jets typically have one single stream, multi-massage jets have several different ones.

Pulsating Jets

Sometimes, instead of a constant stream of water, you may be looking for a pulsating jet that works to provide you with a kneading effect similar to what you might get from an in-person masseuse.

Rotating Jets

True to their name, these jets rotate to provide hydrotherapy relief to wide areas of the body.

Waving Jets

Similarly, waving jets send a stream of water in a side-to-side or up-and-down motion.

hot tub jet types and sizes

Neck Jets

These jets are placed near the headrest area of your spa seat and can thus be used to relieve tension in your neck and upper back.

Foot Jets

These jets are situated at the bottom of your seating area and can be used to provide you with a relaxing massage to both your feet and ankles.

Air Jets

Lastly, air jets take outside air and send it through your hot tub’s pump system to provide the relaxing bubbling effect that spas are known for.

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