Dolphin Cleaner vs. Pressure Side Cleaner

How do you clean your pool? If you’re researching different options for robotic cleaners, your search results are likely pretty vast. Robotic cleaners are phenomenal at what they do — scour your pool so you don’t have to. But you may also be considering pressure cleaners as a second option. 

Is there a big difference between a pressure side cleaner and the Dolphin pool cleaner? Learn about some notable ways these cleaners differ so you can make a more informed choice.

The Pressure Side Cleaner

A pressure side cleaner pushes water into the cleaner through a vacuum. The cleaner has an attached catch bag or screen that collects typical pool debris like sticks or leaves. 

Many homeowners buy this cleaner because it can be easy to maintain and it’s generally effective at picking up larger debris — though you’ll have to rely on your pool’s filtration to remove smaller bits.

The trouble starts when you consider the cost of running this type of cleaner. Pressure side pool cleaners require you to run your pump. This extra step can cause your electric bill to increase, so it’s not always the most affordable way to clean your pool, especially over time. 

This cleaner can also strain the pool’s pump, so many homeowners find they need to buy a second booster pump to compensate. This is not an ideal solution since many pools don’t have the setup to run both pumps.

The Robotic Cleaner

The Dolphin Robotic pool cleaner covers many of the bases a pressure side cleaner does, but it also offers more benefits. 

These cleaners have built-in pumps and filters, so there’s no need to shop around for extra parts. They are also especially good at cleaning every element of your pool — the walls, sides, floor, and waterline all get attention with a robotic pool cleaner like the Dolphin. The computer chip in your cleaner makes for a smarter clean.

Robotic cleaners are also incredibly convenient; plug them in and you’re ready to start. And since you won’t have to run your pool pump and filter systems as the Dolphin runs, it’s a much more energy-efficient option than the pressure side cleaner. 

Additionally, robotic cleaners are very low maintenance, only requiring you to take your cleaner out, empty the debris from the canister, and rinse the filter. 

It’s worth noting that robotic pool cleaners all have a set cable length. Doing your homework before buying your cleaner is crucial to get a model that can easily reach every inch of your pool. While many robotic cleaners have cords, homeowners with larger pools or who don’t want to deal with the cables can opt for a cordless model.

The Last Word on Robotic Pool Cleaners

While there’s always an argument for using other types of cleaners, it’s clear that a robotic cleaner gives you better results. It can even save you money over time through energy efficiency. 

The extra effort your pool pumps must exert to run the pressure side cleaner can not only run up your energy costs but also require you to change out your pumps sooner, leading to even more expenses.

If you’re sold on robotic pool cleaners, there’s no better brand than Dolphin. Dolphin has been helping homeowners keep their pools sparkling clean for over 35 years. 

As a peak innovator in its field, Dolphin focuses on ways to make your life more convenient. Its line of robotic cleaners is quieter and more efficient overall than other robot counterparts. Dolphin makes models that suit virtually every kind and size of swimming pool, including above-ground or in-ground pools.

Performance Pools stocks the entire S Series, the M400, M600, and the new Liberty 200 cordless robot. All of these options would be a significant upgrade from your average pressure side cleaner like the Polaris models. If you decide to invest in a robotic pool cleaner, you can’t go wrong buying one from Performance Pools.

Automate Your Pool Cleaning with Performance Pools

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