Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from The Sundance Spa Store

Christmas is here! Treat yourself and your family to an incredible gift this year with a hot tub from your local PPS store.

If you are already the proud owner of a Sundance Spa, why not create a new holiday tradition by incorporating your spa into your celebrations? Here are some tips for throwing a great Christmas hot tub Party!


You probably have your house all decorated for the holidays by now, and have very likely put up some lights and decorations in the yard to help build the festive spirit.

Christmas lights, garland, pine boughs and reindeer antlers can all be used to decorate the exterior of your Sundance hot tub to make it the social hub of the holidays.

Switch on the Multi-Color LED Lighting System and set the color to red or green to add to the Christmas atmosphere, and add some UltraSpa Water Conditioner to give your water a hint of blue to complete the look.


Whether it’s family or friends, whoever you share the holiday with would surely appreciate a good Christmas hot tub soak to melt away the stress and soothe aching muscles.

Invite the special people in your life to break out their best Christmas-themed bathing suits (yes, they do exist, as do simple green and red ones for the less adventurous!) and join you in your Sundance hot tub for an unforgettable experience.


You can prepare your hot tubs water in advance to ensure everyone that is going in has a good time.

Check your water’s temperature is set to a level that suites you and your guests. Keep the temperature nice and high for adult friends and family, but reduce it slightly if you are expecting some kids to be using the hot tub with you so that everyone is comfortable.

Use a test strip to make sure there is sufficient sanitizer in the water to keep everyone safe, and that the water is correctly balanced for maximum bather comfort.

Checking on the condition of your filter is also a good idea. If it is looking a little worse for wear, you can give it a clean or put in a replacement if required.

With warm, clean, balanced water and a fresh filter you are ready for the ultimate hot tub party!


Once everyone has enjoyed their Christmas meal and let it settle for a little while, it’s time to welcome your guests out to your winter wonderland!

You can play your best Holiday playlist via Bluetooth with the BlueWave Spa Stereo System and maybe even sing some carols and other holiday favorite’s together.

Now that everyone is soaking in the refreshing water, it’s time to enjoy some delicious beverages and make use of your Sundance hot tub’s built-in drink holders.

Bring out some Santa hats as well as some red and green towels for your guests, then sit back, relax and let the patented hydrotherapy jets work their magic as the holiday spirit bubbles up all around you.

Enjoy your Christmas soak with friends and family, and then make plans to get together again to ring in the new year in your Sundance hot tub. What could be more joyful?

Please note that we will be closed Christmas Eve, Christmas day, New years eve, New years day.

All of us here at Performance Pool & Spa wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!