How to Add Chemicals to Your Pool Optimally

You might think that writing about how to add pool chemicals is silly. “Just dump them in, what more could there possibly be to it?” and all that jazz. The truth is that yes, a large part of adding chemicals to the pool is just “dumping them in”, but there’s also more to it than that. There are better, more optimal ways to add chemicals to the pool, and that’s what we’ll be exploring today.


Muriatic Acid

Pool acid is a tried and true pool staple, but it is quite caustic and can cause problems if not handled correctly. We’re going to teach you how to safely add acid the perfect way, every time. Instead of just dumping in the acid like we might normally, and causing acid splashback to stain the concrete, our clothes, or worse our skin, take a second or two to do things the smart way. Start by removing the top cap of the acid jug. With the top cap removed but with the protective film under it still on, lay the jug over the pool ledge on the side so that the top of the jug is hanging above the pool water. Using a pen, knife, or another implement; poke a hole in the protective film at the top and back away to let the muriatic acid slowly drain into the pool without causing any splash or any unnecessary exposure to yourself.



Adding chlorine to the pool is simple, but it can be done better. You can use the same muriatic acid method to drain liquid chlorine into the pool, but most chlorine in powder form is safe to just toss right into the pool. Watch out for specific chlorines that require pre-mixing such as calcium hypochlorite. Also, be sure to balance your pH and alkalinity before adding chlorine for maximum effectiveness.



Instead of tossing powdered calcium directly into the pool, dissolve it first in a bucket (you can use an old calcium bucket if you have one on hand).



If adding powdered CYA to the pool, you can put the correct amount in a sock and let the sock float in the skimmer until all the product is dissolved into the pool water. If adding liquid CYA, add it directly through the skimmer to ensure it mixes with the pool water. If you dump either liquid or powder CYA into the water directly, while not likely to cause problems, it will have a much harder time dissolving in a similar time period.