Ruby Sand: Filter Sand Replacement

Ruby Sand

Last week’s blog talked about the main differences between cartridge and sand filters for your swimming pool. For those that choose sand filtration, this week we will dig a little deeper into a specific sand brand; Ruby Sand by Zeo.

Ruby Sand is a porous ceramic that has been used as a replacement for water filtration for many years. The rapid growth of Ruby Sand’s popularity is due to the improved clarity, which can capture debris as small as 3-5 microns versus other sand at 20-40 microns . The following are some more of the great benefits for choosing Ruby Sand over regular sand:

Use Rate

20 pounds of Ruby Sand replaces 50 pounds of sand or 40 pounds of glass, so it goes farther and you have less to carry.

Clearer and Cleaner Water

The rough Ruby Sand surface area traps smaller particles far better than sand or glass. Ruby Sand has a surface area 100 times greater than the smooth sand Surface and over 250 times greater than crushed glass. A bigger surface area means more dirt trapped, resulting in higher water clarity. The surface area of a 20lb bag of Ruby Sand would cover over 125 NFL fields.


Ruby Sand saves water with fewer backwashes compared to sand and glass. Both sand and glass require more frequent backwashing because the dirt is only trapped between the filter media particles. Ruby Sand traps dirt between and on the surface of the particles.

Unique Structure

Ruby Sand is uniquely created with a much higher surface charge than sand or glass.


Use Ruby Sand just like you would use any other sand in your filter. It is compatible with all pool and spa sanitizing agents and maintenance chemicals.


Ruby Sand will last as long as or longer than sand, which on average is 3-5 years.

Ruby Sand provides crystal clear pool water due to its huge surface area and ability to trap much smaller particles than is possible with silica sand or glass. All pool chemicals are compatible with Ruby Sand. When it is time to replace Ruby Sand, it can be added to your garden as a soil conditioner.