The Benefits of Semi-Inground Pools

There are two schools of thought on pools. Either you invest in a more expensive inground pool or settle for an above-ground option. Neither is a bad choice, but what if you’re someone who falls somewhere in the middle? Alternatively, what if you believe your property is destined to be without a pool due to its difficult terrain?

Luckily for you, a third option can put these issues to rest: semi-inground pools. Here’s why you might want to install a semi-inground pool on your property.

What Does Semi-Inground Mean?

semi-inground swimming pool surrounded by greenery

Since they aren’t as common, there’s a possibility that this is the first time you’ve heard of semi-inground pools. They’re exactly what they sound like: a pool that’s partially in the ground and partially above the ground.

Why Own a Semi-Inground Pool?

What’s so special about having this specific style of pool? Let’s go over some of the major benefits.


It’s no secret that pool installation can be an expensive endeavor. Finding ways to save on pool installation while not sacrificing the kind of pool you want can be a challenge.

But semi-inground pools don’t require nearly as much excavation as inground pools, which automatically saves you a lot of money. It also won’t take as long to install, so you’ll pay less in labor and won’t have construction in your yard for weeks on end.


Semi-inground pools are generally more attractive than above-ground pools. In fact, their more modern look can actually rival the visual appeal of the inground alternative. Of course, regardless of which style you pick, a pool is certainly a welcome aesthetic addition to any backyard.

Less Maintenance

Another aspect of pool ownership that gives some people pause is how much maintenance is required. But with semi-inground pools, you’ll naturally have less surface area to worry about than you would with its fully inground counterpart. You also won’t need nearly as many chemical treatments since the water doesn’t sit in the ground.


Semi-inground pools offer more versatility than above-ground pools. And that versatility, while available with inground pools, is often less expensive. You can also still add water features like waterfalls or other elements to make the pool custom to your needs and desires — and you can do so with much less hassle.

Less Hassle to Install

Even if you have your sights set on an inground pool, certain aspects of your landscape, like terrain or underground pipes, can make installation nearly impossible. Semi-inground pools won’t require digging as far down, which means that pipes and power lines are much less of a hurdle.

Installing inground pools can be almost invasive, requiring you to upend your entire backyard and potentially changing the landscape forever. But if you’re someone who likes their backyard the way it is and just wants a pool installed, a semi-inground pool is likely a better option.

Fast Installation

semi-inground pool in backyard surrounded with white picket fence, adjacent to a modern two-story home

Imagine having a pool in three to five days rather than multiple weeks. That’s possible with semi-inground pools. Above-ground pools generally will take less time, but not by much. The semi-inground installation process is also faster because there are fewer considerations in general than inground pool installations.


Another benefit of semi-inground pools is the flexibility they can offer you. Specifically, you get to choose just how far in or above the ground your pool is installed.

This affords you additional maneuverability with your pool’s appearance and can help you resolve any struggles with terrain restrictions. Above-ground pools are theoretically the most flexible since you can move them around, but semi-inground pools provide a happy middle ground.

Incorporate Other Backyard Elements

Semi-inground pools play nice with other parts of your backyard. For instance, many homeowners choose to combine a semi-inground pool with a deck, giving you a fantastic place to lounge or entertain when you throw parties.

It also enables you to lean more into aesthetics. You can include fencing, flowers or planters, and other objects that bring visual appeal you wouldn’t necessarily have the opportunity to add with an inground pool.

The Best of Both Worlds With Performance Pools

Are you interested in reaping the benefits of a semi-inground pool? If so, we can help. Our Radiant pools are perfect for those with sloped or uneven yards. We can even do wedding cake stairs to give your semi-inground pool a more inground look. Contact Performance Pool and Spa | Poolwerx today to learn more about our installation options and selection of Radiant pools.