When Should You Close Your Pool?

As we enter September and approach the fall season, pool owners everywhere are constantly checking the forecasted temperatures and wondering which week makes the most sense for them to close down for the season. 

You might wonder whether there is a universally good time to close down your pool and if it makes sense to close things down just because a crisp fall breeze begins nipping at your heels one day. With that said, let’s look closer at closing your pool — and why you might be doing so way earlier than you need to.

Isn’t Closing Early a Good Thing?

It’s natural to think about how you could save on maintenance and running costs just by closing your pool down early, but that can come back to bite you and even cost you more than it would to leave the pool open for a few more weeks.

Closing down just because it’s September 1st or because school is back in session could allow algae to grow exponentially beneath the surface given a combination of factors still present early into the month, and the result is murky green or even black water come springtime that is both costly and taxing to clean.

What Should You Be Waiting For?

Pay attention to the following factors to know when the perfect time to close down the pool arrives:


The outdoor temperature should be what you’re paying attention to most. 

Chlorine gets used up faster when your water temperatures are higher, so closing down a pool in what is still relatively hot weather means all the chlorine you add won’t be enough to last you until spring. With that said, don’t close a pool unless the weather consistently stays below 65 degrees.

Swimming pool with slide in a residential backyard in autumn


The next most important aspect is how much you’ll use your pool going into these early fall months. 

Warm weather is a boon in September and October, but it’s not entirely uncommon, especially depending on where you live. If you feel like you’re still enjoying your pool, even if you think the temps are getting a bit low, there’s no reason you can’t stretch your swimming season out by a few extra weeks. Just remember to follow a good winterizing routine when you’re ready to wrap it up.

Time of Year

You might get a rush from a morning polar plunge, but leaving your pool on during cold weather will eventually prove detrimental to it. 

Falling leaves can also be a nuisance for pool owners, so closing down before the trees go bare could save you a lot on pool maintenance while also lowering the risk of leaves getting left behind and wreaking havoc below your cover. They are less of a problem if you’re a pool owner who keeps your pool covered year-round, but it’s still something to consider.

Many homeowners say that Labor Day is the beginning of the end for pool season, but again, that won’t be the same for everyone. When you choose to close up should primarily depend on the pool’s water temperature and how often you intend to use it, even in cooler weather.


Cost is lower on the list, even though it’s the first thought for most pool owners. It’s not that saving money isn’t important; it’s just that closing your pool at the wrong time isn’t doing you any favors. 

You’ll also be glad to hear that running your pool into the fall won’t cost you nearly as much as it does in summer. You’ll use less chlorine, for one thing, as the cooler water won’t use it up as fast. Additionally, water doesn’t need to run as long to stay clear either, meaning many people can cut the time they run their pumps in half and still have healthy pools.

It seems counterintuitive, but dealing with the cost and time lost from opening a pool full of algae in spring is significantly worse than pausing your pool closing for a few extra weeks. 

Ready to Close? We’re Ready to Perform!

If these tips have helped you realize that the time to close your pool is indeed fast approaching, let us help! We at Performance Pools are pool and spa professionals who can keep your pool in tip-top shape, regardless of the temperature. Reach out to us today and learn more about our pool winterizing and maintenance services!