2023 Pool Opening FAQ | Performance Pool & Spa
2023 Pool Opening FAQ

2023 Pool Opening FAQ

Once your pool opening is scheduled with PPS, there are a few things you’ll need to do to prepare for our arrival.

With unpredictable weather and other unforeseen circumstances, slight schedule adjustments may be needed, so please ensure the following preparations are made 1 week in advance of your scheduled service date:

  • All water is pumped off the autocover if applicable, and the cover pump is in position on the cover and plugged in
  • The pool is filled to the normal operating level
  • Gates are unlocked or access is available to us
  • Power is on for the pool equipment
  • Skimmer baskets, jets, and any other deck equipment is out on the pool deck


No, the pool opening is the process of getting the pool up and running with some initial product treatment to kick start the water quality. The pool will need to circulate for at least 12 hours before you can even get accurate readings on things like pH, alkalinity, and salt levels. This is why we encourage you to do the “pool opening” as early as possible. That way you can get any needed clean-up and clarity issues resolved and have the pool swim ready for that first nice weekend.

If you plan to remove the cover yourself: please have the cover removed one week before our scheduled arrival. We recommend removing the cover as early as possible.

If you request cover removal by us with your pool opening, it may be left in place.

If you have a submersible pump that you can place on the cover to start pumping it off that is very helpful. If not, just let us know once the ice on the cover has thawed so we can try to get a jump on pumping it off. Once the cover is pumped off, put a hose under the cover and start adding water to the pool until it is at normal level.

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