Using Phosfree for Your Pool

For years, harsh chemicals and pools seemed like an inevitable pairing. Fortunately, some natural options are becoming more prevalent. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t still chemicals, even naturally occurring ones like phosphates, that plague the pool owner’s cleaning regimen.

Natural Chemistry Phosfree Extra Strength is the answer to your phosphate problems. Using Phosfree will give you control over your pool’s chemistry and keep the water healthy so you can confidently enjoy a pool day.

What Is Phosfree?

Phosfree by Natural Chemistry is a pool cleaning solution that quickly eliminates phosphates that can cause potential issues with your pool. It’s easy to use: just add Phosfree to your pool skimmer. The formula works together with your pool filter to trap and destroy phosphates. It also comes with a satisfaction guarantee from Natural Chemistry to remove phosphates.

How to Use Phosfree

You can seamlessly include Phosfree Extra Strength in your pool cleaning routine. Start by backwashing your filter, ensuring it’s thoroughly cleaned before you add the product. Shake the solution well and follow the directions on the bottle. Never add more than 48 oz of Phosfree at a time.

You may notice some initial clouding — that’s just the solution destroying the phosphates. Run your pump and filter for 48 hours straight. Do not backwash or clean during this time. Finally, vacuum and backwash your filter and retest the phosphate levels. If needed, you can repeat the process if you notice they’re still high.

Why Do You Want to Remove Phosphates from Your Pool Water?

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Phosphates in pool water are relatively common. They can stem from chemical cleaners, but they also develop when organic matter like dead leaves or lawn fertilizer breaks down in your pool. It’s improbable that you’ll remove phosphates from your pool entirely since they can grow from dirt and skin cells. Still, keeping phosphate levels low is crucial for having healthy pool water.

A high level of phosphates in your pool will turn the water green and murky. It’s not a good look for your pool, but there’s more to that discoloration that can cause even more trouble. Phosphates are a food source for algae. Killing off algae can be tricky and expensive, as it can use chlorine much faster. High phosphates force you to clean and maintain your pool more often. 

What Can Algae Do to Your Pool?

You’ve likely already taken a dip in a pool with higher-than-average phosphate levels and didn’t know it. While they can affect your health in higher concentrations, phosphates can start to eat away at your pool, even at relatively low levels.

The algae that feed on phosphates can hurt the lining of your pool. Higher phosphate levels can also make it challenging to balance your pool’s chemistry, rendering other chemicals less functional and potentially degrading your pool or its components even further.

Do I Have High Phosphate Levels in My Pool?

You can purchase tests to help you determine your pool’s phosphate levels. Phosphate testing kits are essential, and it’s wise to test your water frequently since they can take a while to build up. The problem could start long before you notice any color or consistency changes in your water.

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If you discover higher-than-average phosphate levels when you test, using Phosfree can help. Adding it to your routine pool cleaning regimen ensures those phosphate numbers stay as low as possible.

Other Methods of Keeping Phosphates Low

Using a solution like Phosfree is vital for keeping your pool water in check, but it is also important to maintain your pool properly. In addition to using Phosfree, there are other things you can do to ensure algae growth doesn’t overwhelm you, including:

  • Clearing out organic matter like leaves from your pool
  • Showering before you enter the pool to remove chemicals on your skin or hair
  • Adding algaecide if you’re already experiencing trouble with phosphates
  • Backwashing your pool filter frequently

Together, these methods work with Phosfree to maintain your pool’s health for years.

The Freedom of Using Phosfree

Natural Chemistry Phosfree frees you from the shackles of overcleaning and sanitizing your pool. Use this product to keep your phosphates low and your satisfaction with your pool’s health high! 

Natural Chemistry Coverfree® is another exceptional product for pool care, providing an effective solution to reduce evaporation and heat loss while preventing the formation of waterline rings. Learn more about its benefits in this blog post!

If you have any questions about phosphates or any other pool maintenance concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us or schedule service today! We’re here to help!